Tim Grant – Jones Productions presents, Out of the Ashes “The Musical” 2021

Out of Ashes Ministries

Out of the Ashes by Tim & Irene Grant-Jones, is a musical dramatisation of Peter Gladwin’s Best Selling book.

“Mum liked to go next door for a cup of tea, she wasn’t a bad mother but the babies had come along so fast and she was always worried about money, she was desperate for a minuet’s peace. A minute later she heard screaming. “Fire, mummy! The rug’s on fire I couldn’t get hold of Peter – too many flames…”

With 75% burns, no toes, no fingers on his left hand and severe scarring, Peter’s beginning was bleak. This bleakness led to drugs, alcohol, violence and to despair… “Why me?” But before Peter could cut his life short his sister Anette who couldn’t get to him through the flames told him about something that could save him from something far more dangerous – the darkness that threatened to consume him. believe that God has a plan for you and that joy is possible”. If you’ve ever looked at your life and thought “why me?” then this remarkable true life story is for you.

This brand new musical production is set to tour in the summer 2019 and is to be accompanied by Peter Gladwin himself. To find out more contact tim@grant-jones.co.uk or peter@outofashes.co.uk

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