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Out of the Ashes by Peter Gladwin

Peter Gladwin was barely one when a domestic house fire left him horribly scarred and parcially disabled.

The third of nine children, he was raised on a rough council estate in Halifax. Peter was always in trouble with the police, in and out of care homes, spending his time on the streets. Then he was stabbed and effectively lost the use of his right arm. Every relationship failed. For years Peter took refuge in gambling, drinking and drugs. Then at the age of twenty four Peter was the victim of a hit and run. Would anything go right for him ?

This book will not only inspire you but will lead you to new heights as you discover the amazing grace of our God.

ISBN: 9781854249920

Format: Paperback £7.99  Order now and receive a signed copy

Recent Reviews

This book has caused me to greatly reflect on my own walk with Jesus!!! The hurts in this man’s life was what brought him to the lord, yet, the hurts in my life had caused me to lose heart in my faith. After reading this book, I have had my eyes opened and my perspective on life, and my spiritual journey restored. If you are questioning god about why bad things happen to good people, I strongly recommend this read. God can, and will help you see that he works all things together for good to those who love him.

Intrigued by hearing reports of Peter’s visits to various prisons. I wanted to know this man’s story. So I read the book at the Airport……WOW it wasn’t what I expected I was most impressed by what wasn’t in it…NO BITTERNESS OR SELF PITY what a work of God, what a man of God. A Brilliant read I cried but mostly I was honoured to know Peter what an excellent man what great integrity what delightful powerful honestly.
Pauline Tait

Your book was given to me by a fellow prisoner after you spoke at HMP Send. I didn’t attend the sevice but as stated this prisoner threw a copy of Out of the Ashes into my cell on her way back from chapel. I read you book six weeks later after contemplating suicide and can only say that reading it has help save my life.
Prisoner HMP Send 

Have recently read “Out of the Ashes” by Peter Gladwin – as my wife will tell you I don’t read many books (two small children) but could not put this book down – truly life changing. GB Peter
Peter Hurcomb 7th November 2012

I have heard many testimonies about God’s healing grace, but none can compare with the astounding Providence which took care of Peter through disaster after disaster until his evntual coming face to face with his healer. Compelling reading from a wonderful person.
Posted By: on 11 May, 2011 – 5 Star rating

After reading your book I now know that my sins can be forgiven by God
Posted By:anominus anominus on 30 October, 2011 – 5 Star rating

I’ve read the book last night in bed…couldn’t put it down til I finished! Very much enjoyed it, and it sets me straight on a number of issues. It’s a delight to hear about someone being truly changed inside, from deepest dispair to simple but absolute reliance on Jesus. Ahh…a real Christian…Great stuff!
David Mason on 30 October, 2011 – 5 Star rating

As part of my job I have to read many ‘testimony books’ every year – but this one stood out! When I received the book I sat down to read it, intending only to read 1 chapter, but before I knew it I’d lost my whole evening. Peter’s testimony is captivating and engaging, and it’s also very well written. Peter’s life is an example of God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness – I highly recommend it – Money well spent! I urge you to read this book and see how God can use you, in the same way he uses Peter.
James Maidment-Fullard on 27 October, 2011 – 5 Star rating

I received your book last night and I had lots of plans, unfortunately I decided to read the first chapter – several later I realised that the night had disappeared! A great, great read! Where abouts are you based Peter? I can do a studio interview with you, or failing that a telephone or Skype interview – it’s up to you! Let me know what you think – I’m very much looking forward to speaking with you! James
James Fullard on 30 October, 2011 – 5 Star rating

A very well written, easy to read, unique, incredible story. It is written in a very down to earth, honest, factual way – just as Peter himself talks – and is very hard to put down once you start reading. There truely is a positive message in this book which could reach out to anyone in the community Christian or not.
Vicky Tilston on 30 October, 2011 – 5 Star rating

When you read a book like this, you cannot but be touched by Peter’s story but also be thrilled by the wonderful grace of God that pursues Peter at every turn. This is a testimony which makes the book a compelling read and stirs excitement to see what will happen next in the story which is still being written in Peter’s life. Keep going for it Peter and may God open up many doors for thousands of people to hear the story of God’s amazing grace, a grace that doesn’t fade, spoil or quit a grace that will sustain you to the end of the race!
Olaf Fogwill on 12 December, 2011 – 5 Star rating

Just a couple of moments ago finished your book. What an inspiring story, after the Holy Bible and ” I Dared to call Him Father” the most inspiring book I have ever read, and I need some uplifting. I ask the Lord to speak to me and am saddended that I do not get a ‘ road to damascus’ reply. I hope to have learnt that I should trust and wait, but still keep praying and asking. Thank you for writing your story. I know people who ‘help;’ out in Prison Visiting etc and will make sure they read your book also to inform them of the effect it could have on those they visit. God Bless you and your family.
Edward Holmes on 1 January, 2012 – 5 Star rating

Awesome true story, I couldn’t put it down. It just goes to show how God has His hands on us. I would reccommend it to everyone. Thank you Peter. I am looking forward to your next book. God bless you & your lovely family.
Judith McKay on 18 January, 2012 – 5 Star rating

I was privileged to hear Peter speak at HMP Wandsworth. This man is the most compelling evangelist I have ever heard. Full of Amazing Grace. Book him now – you will not be disappointed. His testimony has the power to change lives!
Chris Law on 21 February, 2012 – 5 Star rating

Hi Peter It was good to meet you at the Prison Fellowship weekend – I’m so glad I bought your book thank you for signing it to us and thank you for writing it – your amazing testimony is a great encouragement to us all that so wonderfully describes how the Lord so beautifully worked . I am so blessed to read your story and even feel inspired to have a go at trying to write my own. Thank you for sharing your journey with others to give glory to God – I have not finished your book yet but I felt I just had to stop and let you know how your book is impacting my life and to say a big thank you to you for writing it. May the Lord continue to bless you and your delightful little family and may your book reach into many more lives to bless them as it has so blessed me…… thank you Peter. Love in Jesus our Lord Sheila.
Shelia Thompson on 19 March, 2012 – 5 Star rating

Hi Peter I heard you speak at salisbury baptist church on sunday and ordered your book as soon as i got home, it arrived this evening and i have read it and now recommending it to everyone i know. thank you for taking the time to write your story. i have had a fairly easy life really, ups and downs and a bit of heartache but as a mental health nurse i meet many people who are broken through ill health and addiction. your book has really helped me to see things differently.
Anonymous on 29 March, 2012 – 5 Star rating

I have just finished reading your book and wanted to congratulate on an amazing and superbly told story. It had me completely absorbed and I’d like to thank you for sharing it. It is so important Christian men are real about their journeys and ongoing struggles in their Christian lives. I will commend your books to others I know.
Chris Shaw on 13 April, 2012 – 5 Star rating

I started to read your book as soon as it came through the post..went for a bath..(my favourite place to read)…I was in there for 3 hours.!!..lol…couldnt put it down Peter!!…I havent finished it yet..Im at chapter7..A new Life and cant wait to finish it…Peter..Ive read a few books about people who have had really tough lives, but you’re book has blown me away..it is beautifully written, it has great pace and flows so well…its hard to find words to say to you Peter..all I can say is Thankyou for having the courage to go through the process of releasing your “life” onto paper to share with me and all who will read it.I have been so deeply touched and wept with you and rejoiced with you when things were good. You are a miracle Peter , an encouragement and I know many people who would benefit and be blessed by you’re book…I to have visited many prisons over the last 15 years as a singer/songwriter and believe that you’re book has to get into the hands of inmates…its so powerful..life changing…God will use you mightily Peter…
Joan Piacentini on 1 May, 2012 – 5 Star rating

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