OOAs Newsletter May – June 2019

Out of Ashes Ministries

The first half of this year has been an amazing fruitful one where we ministered not just in the UK but in other parts of the world as well. In fact in the first half of this year 2019, God has opened the doors (Rev 3.8) for Out of Ashes ministries to share and minister the good news of the gospel in 5 different countries across the globe. We’ve seen hundreds come to Christ and be inspired in Papua New Guinea, Brisbane Australia, Fuerteventura Canary Islands, Warsaw Poland and Jersey Channel Islands.

In May I set off on a three day plane journey to Moresby City, Papua New Guinea. As soon as I arrived in PNG and went on a 2 hours drive out of Port Moresby to preach at a village church in Hula. The team experienced adverse weather conditions but God was faithful to get us to our destination. Subsequent reports from the village Church leadership team suggested that the mtg was very powerful with a number of villages coming to know Jesus for the very first time.

The rest of the ministry was in the city of Port Moresby. What a great harvest of souls and powerful times of encouragement was had.

In secondary schools, hundreds of students received Jesus. Many had their faith renewed and were strengthened.

After speaking in 2 classes at Borda school the Deputy Head of more than 2000 students wanted to me speak to the whole school gathering but due to short notice and other commitments it couldn’t be organised. This could happen in 2020 if this door to PNG opens again.

At Kwikila High School on Friday night, the hall was packed with well over 1000 students and preaching I felt called to put out an altar call. A surge of people packed the front so much that we could not minister one to one, but the Holy Spirit moved so powerfully in these peoples lives..

Another school, Kilakila Secondary High School, where cults and criminal gangs existed, the whole school totally surrendered to Jesus. The gang leaders all received Jesus and the pastoral team from LLC is doing follow up with them.

I also preached at Living Light Church church to about 900 people one Sunday with a massive response to the altar call.

It was wonderful to encouraged the Living Light church leadership team by taking devotions and sharing with church staff of about 100, in their christian school, our Health Centre, the Pastoral Team, Literacy School, etc… and was received very well everywhere I was blessed to minister..

I would say that PNG IS a gold mine. Truly, the harvest here is ripe and it is so open and free for the gospel.

I will pray about bringing a team next year to minister and experience PNG.

A huge thank you to everyone that made this mission happen your seed changed lives….

In Australia I was blessed to have a few days off resting and recupriating. My hosts Judy and Peter were brilliant taking me on days out onto the beaches of the Sunshine coast. I had the blessing of speaking at a cafe breakfast for men and woman who struggle with addictions and homelessness. Again good responses to the word and a Spirit filled time was experienced. Matt Prater from Vision Radio interviewed me on their radio platform that goes out across Australia.

More of the same in Fuertvenetura where about 300 came forward for ministry. In Poland I was accompanied by Trevor and James from a Bradford church. What a 10 day mission this was ministering in Churches Prisons, Schools and orphanages. Last week I travel to Jersey were I was blessed to speak to about 25 people at a FGB mtg again God moved.

It just leaves me to say WOW praise God do it again Lord!!

God bless you all.

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