OOAs Newsletter May – June 2020

Out of Ashes Ministries

As CEO/Founder of Out of Ashes Ministries I would personally like to acknowledge the ministry of our Trustees, Prayer Hubs servants and you our supporters for your ongoing help. My special THANKS too for your continuing financial commitment to the OOA’s ministry during this extremely difficult period. We look forward to getting back on the ‘Gospel Road’ whenever that might be. 

After a wonderful Christmas spent with immediate family and friends along with some Iranian families who we support through our local church ‘Lliswerry Baptist’ it was back on the road, teaching, sharing testimony & preaching the Gospel. My first meeting was at the Hope Centre in Cwmbran, this ministry run a twelve month drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme for men and women with serious addiction problems. Normally I would go in once every other week but was invited to pray about coming in on a weekly basis. Praise God it didn’t take me long to realise that God was prompting me to accept this invitation. In the current COVID19 climate I’m achieving this by bringing my messages through live streaming into the centre twice a week. 

Another early blessing was to be able to invite Tim Paton my French evangelist friend who I had previously ministered alongside in Cambodia, to preach the good news at our church. I have to say, everybody loved him!!  The following week it was off down the M4 where I’d been invited to share at a ‘Step by Step’ meeting in Swansea.  Again, people with very high needs attended this mtg and a powerful night in the presence of God was had by all. Further to say that one of the leader’s sons, only a young lad, came forward along with others and gave his life to Jesus, this to the obvious delight of his mum and dad. Hallelujah!

In late January I was invited to the FEW Conference up in Nottingham, not as a speaker but to receive some excellent teaching and instruction on evangelism. The ministry is headed by international author/evangelist Roger Caswell.  Invite him anytime, you won’t be disappointed. 

Into Feb I took my family to Bulgaria on a skiing holiday. They skied for 5 days whilst I spent the time in the swimming pool complex. I suppose because we’d had a house full over Christmas and New Year, I felt I needed to spend some quality time with my wife Sarah and daughter Jessica. It was such a blessing and as a result I came back to the Uk fully refreshed.

In late February, along with Trevor Jackson (a church leader) and James Greig (a worship leader) , both from Bradford, I travelled over to Warsaw Poland where a  full 10 day evangelistic itinerary had been carefully prepared. It was truly amazing and I must say challenging as we were taking two and three meetings a day. We ministered in Churches, Prisons, Schools Care homes and Rehabs. WOW, did God move!!  We saw many come to faith during our 10-day ministry ranging from youngsters to retired pensioners. Prisoners gladly  surrendered their lives under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. In one meeting a young girl came forward and asked if we would pray for her ‘deliverance’ from the occult. We led her in a prayer of repentance and renunciation. As a result we witnessed something evil leaving her. With a huge smile on her face she opened her eyes and replied, ‘It’s gone, I’m free’! 

What a blessing both Trevor and James were as they brought such reality to this mission. They played and sang their hearts out, at times in the Polish language, which blessed the socks off the polish Christians. One song which they constantly sang was ‘Give Me Jesus’, one version of which can be viewed  

here –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbh43MGoigw   It helped  that Trevor had worked as an English teacher in the country for over 10 years previously, so he’d gained useful language skills. 

So we returned to the UK with great expectancy of what else God was planning for the rest of the year, never realising what was around the corner. It wasn’t long before churches and other Christian organizations began to get in touch and immediately cancel OOAs pre booked meetings.

I have a peace that all will be well as we wait in His presence for the pandemic to pass-over and pass-over it will as no weapon formed against us will prosper. (Isaiah  54:17)

My grateful THANKS again for your ongoing support

Every Blessing in Jesus –  Peter Gladwin 

(www.outofashes.co.uk) peter@outofashes         

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