OOAs Newsletter Feb – June 2022

Out of Ashes Ministries

CEO Peter Gladwin

What a journey it’s been especially over the last 2 years, so challenging in so many ways. However saying that there’s one thing we as Christians can be sure about and that is the truth that God, who is Yahweh Shammah (God is there) was with us every step of the way. And this no matter what circumstance, trial, or fire that we had to endure. (Dan 3:24-26)

Praise be to God that Peter is fully recovered from the cancer that he was diagnosed with in 2020, this after many sessions of chemo, radiation and a 10 hour operation. A huge thank you to the NHS Doctors, Nurses and Staff for their tender loving care and to you the hundreds if not thousands of people from all around the world who held Peter up in prayer throughout his ordeal.  Today because of your prayers Peter declares God’s victory over death.

When you are informed by NHS doctors like Peter was that in 2020 in Wales, only two people have survived the type of operation he’d just had and that he was one of them, you know that God has not finished with you yet. Out of Ashes Ministries are so looking forward to putting our hearts and hands to the plough as we follow God’s leading throughout the world in 2022. 


In Jan/Feb I was blessed to attend the three day FEW Conference (fellowship evangelist workers) held annually in Staffordshire. This gathering is aimed at encouraging evangelists from around the UK, it’s also a great opportunity to learn and listen to some awesome speakers and link up with other ministries called to preach the gospel wherever God leads them. Along with being involved with an Alpha course at LBC in Newport I also had the opportunity of speaking at speaker’s corner in London. During the afternoon I had some excellent conversations with Muslims. 

In March/April I have church engagements mainly local here in Newport South Wales. 

In May we set off on our first mission abroad this year. It’s then that I’ll be travelling to Columbo in Sir Lanka to carry out a 3 week evangelistic mission. 

In June/July another 3- week mission this time travelling to South Africa where I will join a team that will minister in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Also in July I’ve been invited to share at a school’s annual Faith day in Portsmouth. I shared at this school in 2018 so it’s encouraging to be invited back.

In August/Sep I have been invited to mission in various towns and cities in Scotland, dates are still to be confirmed but looks exciting. 

Other interesting ministerial things on the horizon…. 

The Out of Ashes Musical producers have scheduled a meeting in April to pray and discuss the way forward, everything thing is ready but obviously restrictions have played a huge part in the timing of launching of the musical.  

Prayer Requests 

  • -Missions in UK & Overseas
  • -Wisdom in planning for Out of the Ashes Musical 
  • -Finances for OOAs ministry and the vision for the Healing & Retreat Centre 
  • -Chinese christian who is translating OOTAs book into Chinese
  • -Missions into Prisons & School’s to re open fully
  • -For gifted Christians to come onboard OOAs ministries so as to help our ministry               to further expand across the world. 

We believe God is going to provide the finance that will enable us to purchase and establish a Healing & Retreat Centre here in South Wales, this where broken people can come and be set free and restored from their addictions and traumatised pasts. For more info contact peter@outofashes.co.uk

Can I thank all our supporters for your ongoing given that has kept this ministry flowing even when the storms raged against us especially 2020/2021. We have a faithful God who is in the boat no doubt!!

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Every Blessing in Jesus

CEO Peter Gladwin 

Out of Ashes ministries


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